Key Learnings

1) IP classful and Classless addressing

  • gained the theoratical knowledge of both classful and classless addressing
  • Learned the important concepts like subnetting and superneting (My favorite topic) where we leveraged the mathematical calculations for number of subnet requires and also solved various relevent problems on these topics.

2) Delivery, forwarding and routing of IP packets

  • below are the list of topics I learned in this lesson

    • direct versus indirect delivery
    • forwarding techniques
    • forwarding with classful addressing
    • forwarding with subnetting
    • forwarding with classless addressing
    • routing table
    • static versus dynamic routing tables
    • address aggregation
    • longest mask matching
    • hierarchical routing

3) Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

  • I followed the TCP/IP book by Forouzen throughout the course. In ARP I learned the whole process of ARP request and response to forward the packet to Data Link Layer from the network layer.

4) Internet Protocol (IP)

  • This is the most important topic to understand the network layer. I gained in depth knowledge of encapsulation and decapsulation, IP header format.
  • I also learned some advanced concepts like IP fragmentation and also did some mathematical problems related to it
  • Finally, I also learned the whole IP package to understand the whole process happen in the different modules

5) TCP and UDP

  • learned about the Transport layer protocols and its various functions like congestion control, error and flow control etc..
  • Performed the theoratical conceptualization in the difference between TCP and UDP and their various use cases.