Key Learnings

⦿ Disk Storage and Buffer Management

  • Disk organization and the concept of storing the data in secondary memory and the process of retrieving the data from disk to memory. I also learned the concept of Buffer Managment to manage the data on memory for better and fast access.

⦿ Indexing and Hashing

  • The retrieval techniques and indexes used to efficiently point to the data and retrieve easily. I learned and implemented B+ tree algorithm and the hashing techniques in this class

⦿ Query Optimization and Query Execution

  • Starting from the generating the parse tree and then Logican query plan to physical query plan and finally executing the query was part of this big topic
  • Solved the mathematical calculation of Result size and cost estimation of query by convering them into relational algebra form and learned to select the best and optimized query.

⦿ Concurrency control

  • learned about the various techniques for concurrent execution of Transactions to maintain the ACID property.
  • learned about the serializability and technique to check and convert the schedules to serial schedule and many more..