In my last semester of bachelor’s degree, we got credits for industry experience for six months. So I was fortunate to work as an intern at national research organization ‘Bisag’ in India.

My roles and responsibility

  • Thoroughly analyzed data of more than 7 games, yielding insightful results that can assist coaches, players, and auctioneers in making informed decisions.
  • Performed the prediction of the game outcome, salary outcome, etc. using various prediction models and machine learning models and also did the comparative study between different models
  • performed the correlaion analysis and Statistical analysis of the data to get the insights from the player and team performance measures
  • Analysed the wearable data of various devices like G-vert and Garmin to optimize the training and maximize the recovery of individual players and extended the analysis to the concepts of Moneyball in baseball
  • Deployed the data visualizations on streamlit and finally submitted the thesis to the organization

Thesis Report

📚 Thesis